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Weight loss has never been easier

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Let 2017 be the year you change your life forever!  You can do it!  When you have a coach you can go move so much faster!  contact Susan Sullivan today and let's get you started!  Can't wait to talk to you!  

Classes are getting ready to start

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Weight Loss is very serious but it is a life style change!  Yes!  You can drink shakes and get injections to lose weight but it will always come back unless you are serious and want to do something to last forever!  


Survey Says…


Ask 100 people what first comes to mind when you say “weight management program” and you’re likely to hear:



•Calorie counting

•“Buy their prepackaged food”

•Weigh-in meetings


But not all weight management programs are created equal! (Thank goodness.)

We are getting ready to start NEW IN.FORM classes at Celebration in Pell City, Thursday from 7 to 8. This is a 13 week course. If you want to learn how to eat and change your life please message me or call me at 205-767-3636. Please call to reserve your place. Looking forward to meeting you



Registration is NOW for the Dec classes

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New classes are getting ready start up at Celeberations  We are taking information for the Next 10 people that will be attenting the IN.FORM weight loss class.  This is a 13 week program that meets every thrusday from 7 to 8.  We will do Zumba from 6 to 7!  Then we will weigh, take measurements and learn how to eat healthy.  This is amazing class for those who struggle with what they need to eat daily and the amounts.  Please get ready for a life change with this NEW program that is starting NEW classes on Dec 3rd.  Registration is NOW!  205-767-3636

Coaching is a MUST!

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Everyone NEEDS a Life Coach!  I could not do without mine Life Coach!  Yes!  Your asking your self, shes a life coach and she has a coach???  Yes!  That is how Ive got to where I'm at today!  Tony Robins has a life coach, John Maxwell has a life coach.  Everyone needs a life coach!  Alot of people wonder, what does a life coach do?  We stand beside you and cheer you on all the way to the finish line.  My life coach for PINK ZEBRA is amazing!  I report to her each week on my progress.  This is holding me accoundible for my daily agenda.  I use my coach for my personal life and also my PINK ZEBRA!  Never go without my coach! :)

Life Coach

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Susan Cox is taking on more coaching patients.  These coaching session are life changing!  Have you set your weekly, monthly, yearly and 5 year goals?  What does your daily agend look like?  Are you on track to reach your weekly, monthly goals?  Look at your daily agenda and that will tell you where your going.  If you have any questions pease leave me a message below and let me help you make this year 2015 the BEST year of your life:)

Coaching changes lives

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What a beautiful Sunday morining.  I love my God time!  There is nothing in the world like it.  Where do you find peace?  Do you have peace in your life?  Message me and lets talk about  where you are in your life. I would love to help you to find that peace :) Have a blessed day!

Need of a Life Coach?

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  If you set goals year after year but never have met them give me a call and let's talk.  Let me coach you to success!  Let the Vision TEAM help you get your life on track to make your dreams come true!  Contact Susan TODAY!  205-440-9224