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Welcome! I’m Susan Sullivan, Certified Master Life Coach and an Executive Manager with Pink Zebra!  I want to help you break down the barriers, find your power within and create a life you truly love!  I am a life coach, but really I’m a combination of a strategic planner, inspirational and spiritual mentor, mind re-programmer, and drill instructor, all with a big dose of love!!!

Years ago, I was a Certified Financial Planner at a large credit union in Birmingham Alabama.  My clients would come to me for financial advice and then talk about all areas of their life – money, relationships, fitness, spirituality – they were all connected.  When one was out of order, their life did not work.  I realized that they needed more than just a financial plan, they needed a life plan.  Along with the life plan, they needed someone to help them overcome obstacles, hold them accountable and help them reach their goals.  This insight, along with my life purpose, compelled me to become a life coach.  I was hired to lead and train managers to coach and help women reach their goals and plan out their dreams. I went to work for a large weight loss company and God used this company to help develop the desires that he put inside my heart.  I became certified as a Christian Health and Life coach and now I work with so many women and couples today to be everything God created them to be.

I am committed to YOU being happy and fulfilled - in work, love, body and spirit.  In a nutshell, I show you how to dream big, create a plan for your life, and then hold you accountable for your daily actions.  I help remove your limitations, balance you, measure your results and Voila!  Your plan becomes a reality.

I have spent my entire life studying personal growth and development.  I became a Life Coach in 2008, and a Master Life Coach in 2013.   I have been coaching since 2008, in the following areas: Relationships, Business-Finance, Nutrition and Weight Loss, Codependency, Loss of Self, Loss of Spouse, Addictions, Anger Management, Terminal Illness and Emotional Wellness and the School of Hard Knocks; all of which has allowed me to help so many people create lives they love!

I have had my share of life both good and bad but I’m creating my life of dreams!  My kids are healthy and happy.  I have extraordinary relationships, I’m working on my 6-figure net worth, a high level of fitness, and I'm with a successful company that gives me freedom and joy!  

Thanks for being here.  Let me know how I can help you.


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